We are an online product photography studio that does things differently.

Pick a FotoSet, choose your options, and we do the rest. Easy.

FotoSets is all about high quality, affordable imagery made by experienced photographers to elevate your brand.

Each FotoSet has it's own unique vibe and customization options that tell your brand's story and make your products shine.

Starts at only $29 per image!

FotoSets Image examples
FotoSets Image Examples

See how one brand can leverage FotoSets to get all the looks they need for all of their marketing channels.

"FotoSets has changed the way I think about producing creative content for my small business. I don't have time to reinvent the wheel every time. With FotoSets, I know what I'm going to get, and it's perfect every time!"

- Melissa Fuller, gather-wise.com

Soft Light FotoSet

Soft Light - $29 / image

Minimalism at its best. Bright and clean images with shallow focus, soft shadows, and delicate natural features.

Make it POP FotoSet

Make it POP - $49 / image

Create images bursting with vibrant colors, bold shadows, patterns, and layouts.

SuperHero FotoSet

Super Hero - $69 / image

This FotoSet captures your product from a heroic angle in perfect glossy lighting and with gorgeous depth.

Magic Hour FotoSet

Magic Hour - $39 / image

Light dances and refracts, creating a dream-like quality that adds a touch of elegance to your images.

Horizons FotoSet

Horizons - $49 / image

Contrasts draw attention! Mix and match colors, designs, and textures, with the horizon line passing behind your products.

Mirror Mirror FotoSet

Mirror Mirror - $59 / image

Your products float on a mirrored surface over your own selection of colors and textures. Classy!


Choose a FotoSet and create an image, repeat.

Pick a FotoSet to get started customizing your own images. Each FotoSet has it's own unique vibe and customization features to suit your brand. Add the images to your cart to create a shot list then submit it to be photographed.


Get us your products and props

Ship it and forget it. We take care of the rest! Check out our shipping tips to make sure shipping goes smoothly. You can also drop off your products if you live in the Portland area.


Download images from your personal FotoSets!

Log in to your personal FotoSets dashboard to see all of the shot lists you have ordered. Download your images anytime.

You will receive a link to a purchase gallery of your images when they are ready.

Example FotoSets image gallery