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This FotoSet captures your product from a heroic angle in perfect glossy lighting that creates gorgeous depth.

The Superhero Order Form features drinking vinegars from the pantry and botanical company Sauvie Shrubs

$69 per image. Fill out order form for each image you want and add to your shot list.

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Super Hero Features / Camera Angle

Superhero features low-angle shots for powerful, heroic imagery.

Superhero Image Samples

Super Hero Features / Background Color

Start with any color as your background base. Super Hero gives it a glow and vignette around the edges.

Superhero Image Samples

Super Hero Features / Cutouts

Have your product cutout and delivered on a transparent background.

Superhero Image Samples

Super Hero Features / Props

Use our prop closet, or send us your own props to add a touch of your brand's personality to your images.

Superhero Image Samples

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