How skincare brand Gatherwise used FotoSets to create their product guide lookbook.

Written by Melissa Fuller, Founder of Gatherwise

As the founder of skincare brand Gatherwise, I am excited to share how we utilized the photography platform to create all of the imagery for our product guide lookbook. offered us a range of different photography sets that could be customized to meet our brand's unique needs.

For our individual product photos, we decided to use the Soft Light fotoset with the cutout option. This gave us product shots with a transparent background that could be easily placed into our marketing materials and designs. The Soft Light set provided a gentle, natural-looking glow on each product, which highlighted the textures and colors of our skincare products in a visually appealing way.

For our premium product family shots, we chose to use the Magic Hour fotoset. This set mimics the warm, golden light that occurs during the hour before sunset or after sunrise. This type of lighting created a warm, inviting atmosphere that perfectly showcased our premium skincare products.

By utilizing, we were able to streamline our product photography process and create a cohesive lookbook that aligned with our brand's aesthetic. The Soft Light and Magic Hour sets were perfect for our needs, and we were impressed by how easy it was to use the cutout option to get our products on a transparent background.

With the help of, we were able to showcase our skincare products in the best possible light and communicate our brand's unique aesthetic to our customers. We highly recommend to any brand looking to take their product photography to the next level.